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April 25, 2022

What is cryptohunt?

Welcome to the cryptohunt jam where we spend one minute a day to explain crypto – and can you believe this is already episode 100?

Today, to celebrate the milestone, we’ll talk about a crypto project that is near and dear to our hearts – our very own cryptohunt! What is it, and who is behind it?

My name is Christian Byza, and together with my co-founder Arndt Voges and the team, we are trying to make crypto accessible for everyone.

But why? Like most of you, we always felt that getting started with crypto is really hard: All those technical descriptions meant nothing to us, and most information isn’t simply in one place - in fact, searching the web for understandable content is a pain.

At the same time, there are amazing projects out there that have the potential to change the world. But they have a hard time telling everyone about it - because they don’t have a good place to reach you and us, and because they struggle expressing what makes them special in a way that we all understand.

That’s why we are building cryptohunt, and we are almost ready to show it to everyone. It’ll be a website where every crypto project is explained, ranked, and reviewed by us and the community. And to make easy learning a priority, we’ll also offer small courses about the great currencies and tokens out there, teaching you what makes each of them special. And if you ace a mini quiz, you’ll even earn a few dollars in their tokens.

So, what’s next? First, we are launching with limited access to learn from early feedback. If you want to participate, join our waitlist at We hope to see you there!

And tomorrow, we we release our first interview between my cofounder Arndt and myself - so you get to know us a little better - and we do an exception and will speak more than just a minute. 

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